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I have recently visited this clinic due to my stress related problem. This was due to my hectic work life and imbalanced diet. Rajashree recommended me to receive the Shirodhara treatment and having received few sessions, I can certainly recommend this. Before the first sessions I had a headache and following the treatment I felt so relaxed, stress free and calm. I am positive about the treatments and will continue as per advice. Thanks Rajashree

Kailash Bhatt

I was suffering from the old cold and sinus problems and I did try everything including anti-biotic sometimes. Later on I was introduced to Rajashree’s clinic, who provided me right guidance through the diet plan and Ayurvedic treatments, which helped me a lot and it has improved drastically.

Thanks to Rajashree.

Nikhil Doshi

I had a skin problem on my leg. The colour was changing, and the pigment was fading. I went to see Rajashree about this and she carried out a thorough examination after which she decided to put me on a course of treatment. This lasted about 1 year, and cleared everything completely! Since then I’ve had no problem at all thanks to Rajashree .

Thank you


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